I picked up one VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA and paired it with Techstream and easily programmed the new TPMS codes.


Many of the cheap Chinese cables won’t work for TPMS programming.

Mini VCI cable: program the new TPMS codes NO

I learned that it is the Mini VCI cable (2.0.4) that I am using that has a bug and cannot complete this process of writing new TPMS sensor IDs for a 2015 Land Cruiser.


I have a 2011 LX570, I am replacing the wheels (20″) with wheels from a 2008 LC200 (18″). I have a Techstream (s/w and cable) and I have read and have the TPMS ID’s from the new wheels (and the old). When I go to “register IDs” within Techstream, I get the add wizard, I am able to go through adding the 5 ID numbers (reusing the spare) but when it goes to update the ID’s I am getting the error message below. I have also included the DataList for reference.


I have tried like 10 times with the same result. I have tried restarting the laptop, remove/attache the mini VCI cable, restarted Techstream. Always the same result.

Vxdiag Techstream Tpms 01

Vxdiag Techstream Tpms 02

Hope it helps!