Solved! VXDIAG VCX SE Benz Firmware is Newer than Software Version


i bought the VXDIAG VCX SE for Benz and i’m trying to get it connected with my XDos Xentry 12.2017.

But my VCI Monitor tells me that the Firmware is newer than the Software installed on my Laptop.

The oldest Firmware which i can install on my VCX SE is 12.2018.

I would like to know if i can install an older Firmware on my VCX SE Benz (e.g. 12.2017) in order to “communicate” with my XENTRY 12.2017.

Or do i have to download and install a newer version of XENTRY (e.g. 12.2020) in order to get the VCX SE working with XENTRY?




VXDIAGSHOP here provides 2 possible solutions. Suggest applying Method 1 first.

Method 1: Install VCI patch

The problem is caused by the missing vci patch.

Download the vcx se benz vci firmware update patch here.

Put it on desktop. Connect device to laptop, install Benz VCI driver from “Diagnostic” menu on vx manager.

After install driver, run the update patch.

Then click “Firmware” to update firmware again.

Also keep the vx manager to latest version.

Download latest vx manager here



Method 2:

Install latest xentry vci driver and try agian.


How to select the corresponding vci driver that matches the xentry version?
if you get error firmware too new than xentry with device exclamation mark, follow steps below:

First of all, check xentry version, i.e 06/2021

Vxdiag Vci Version Too New 1

06/2021 Xentry uses 03/2021 driver, select VCI version 2021.03 and update until completed.

(Select VCI version 2021.12 if running the latest Xentry 2022.03 software)

Vxdiag Vci Version Too New 2

Vxdiag Vci Version Too New 3

Vxdiag Vci Version Too New 4

Vxdiag Vci Version Too New 5

Video reference:

Test and report:

I had to install a newer Xentry in oder to get the problem solved.

Now i have Xentry 03.2021 installed and now the VCX SE Benz works/communicates with Xentry.