Free Download 2019.12 Xentry OpenShell for VXDIAG Benz C6


I have xentry version 12/2017.  Vxdiag Benz C6 works on xentry or xentry passthru ?



Customer experience:

You can use the default Xentry HDD/SSD come with the c6.

For me, it works with 2019-12 Xentry OpenShell using VX Manager 1.6.2 … see the attached file for links.


To get 2019-12 Xentry OpenShell:

VX Manager driver v1.6.2:
web page:
download link:


You can download the image for the 2019-12 OpenShell software, install it then install the VX Manager, generate/get the keys and have a working and more up-to-date diagnostic capability.


*You are at your risk.