VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool WLAN Firmware Reset Procedure

This is the firmware reset instruction for vxdiag devices (VXDIAG Multi Diag Serie) beginning with V71 ***** serial number.

Firmware reset file download link:


(Please download and save, the fourth step will be used.)


1.Open VXDIAG, take out mainboard, use lan cable to connect with laptop first, Press S2, meanwhile to connect OBD2 cable for power, keep pressing S2 for 3 mintues, during this period, you may heard 2 beeping.As the picture shows:

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 1

2.Then to loose pressing S2

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 2

3.land website:, click that.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 3

4.Select that file and click that.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 4

5.Click Update Firmware, wait some mintues.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 5

6.Until hear a beep, blue light blinking, all lights on.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 6

7.Click VX Manager to check device connection.


PS:You can just do steps 1 and 2 and the rest of the engineers will do it for you remotely.


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