Program Subaru Legacy/Outback 2020-2021 Smart Key with SSM4

Here is the procedure to perform immobilizer-related repairs on the all-new 2020-2021 year Subaru Legacy and Outback.




Device used:

OEM Subaru diagnostic tool or VXDIAG Subaru SSM4 scanner


To further enhance vehicle security, this new procedure requires connection to a secure SBR server for authentication and to access immobilizer information. An 8-digit “Authentication Key” supplied by SBR will be a required input when working with SSM4. The new vehicles utilize an Immobilizer Type “G” or “H” system depending on model:

G: Vehicles with a turn key ignition switch
H: Keyless Access with Push-Button Start.


Connect SSM4 device to the vehicle and start SSM4 application, from the Main Menu, select Immobilizer etc. registration, select the Vehicle then Immobilizer Type and Confirmed.

Subaru Ssm4 Program Key 1

Subaru Ssm4 Program Key 2

When the vehicle utilizes either a G or H -Type system, an Authentication Key is required to perform any of the immobilizer-related functions listed in the menu shown below.

Subaru Ssm4 Program Key 3
Currently, for all other models, the immobilizer registration process is unchanged.

For 2020MY Legacy and Outback with a G or H -Type system, the Server Connection screen shown below will be displayed. Input the current Authentication Key and select “Connection”. Currently the Authentication key is OE4HE8YY.

Ssm4 Suabru Server

Subaru Ssm4 Program Key 4

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Unlike the previous system where Teaching Codes have been unchanged, the new Authentication Key will change approximately every 6 months. 

As of June 30th, 2022, the Authentication Key has been revised to XFT7DWTH.