How to Turn on VXDIAG BMW DoIP Switch to Perform Coding & Programming?


I tried to perform BMW X3 F25 programming with VXDIAG VCX BMW under ISTA+ 4.18, it failed me and showed error:  “The process must be terminated.
Before starting a new process, disconnect and reconnect ICOM.” What can i do?

Vxdiag Vcx Bmw Error 1 solution:


To perform F series programming or coding functions with vxdiag bmw, you should turn on the DoIP switch before operation.

Vxdiag Bmw Turn On Doip 1

Open VCXNet DoIP program on desktop

Vxdiag Bmw Turn On Doip 2

Press Connect VCX (make sure vxdiag vcx has connected with laptop)

Vxdiag Bmw Turn On Doip 3

Press “DoIP ON” to turn on DoIP switch

Vxdiag Bmw Turn On Doip 4

DoIP has been automatically assigned IP.

Now you can do coding or programming.


Here’s a video BMW coding guide using VXDIAG BMW