VXDIAG Ford IDS review on F150 PCM Programming

VXDIAG Ford IDS new customer feedback (2019.10.18):

Well I was very skeptical to try this … but it was my very last chance before I’ll take my truck to the shop .
So I decided to give it a try …
… after couple of day learning this thing , learning ON HOW TO GET INTO IDS without paying big bucks , and after couple downloads , I found missing files and was finally able to make IDS work thru VXDIAG VCX NANO.
And guess what – I was able to program new /used/ PCM for my f150 .
So ya I saved money for sure because shop was gonna charge me 1600$ to install new pcm and program it , I did it for 300$ that’s how much new pcm and this reader cost me .
It’s NOT plug and play , and you will have to play before plug khekhe , but you can make it work .


Disclaimer: You are at your risk.