VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Techstream review on Lexus RX 450h


I am new and looking to change some LPS on my Lexus 2007 rx400h. Which cable and software version works with them ?? I tried a couple of cables and neither gave me the utility choice to change anything nor any way to install a different remote. The old way of opening the door and closing etc did not work for me either.




I had done a search and bought the VXDIAG VCX nano for Toyota tis cable.  Cost 3x to 4x the cheaper cables cost. Also can be wireless but from that I have gleaned so far the cable for it is better.

I did email one seller of vxdiagshop.com and they said it would do what I want (key and lps stuff) on my 07 RXH. I also read in another place that it would do 2015’s also. Maybe and maybe not on both counts.

It does come in a multi vehicle version also but it seems the difference is the techstream type of software for other models. I am attaching a link if it is allowed but in no way supporting it yet until I learn more.  This is NOT an ad for anything. Respectfully, search google for http://www.vxdiagshop.com/wholesale/vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-toyota-compatible-with-sae-j2534.html




I got the VXDIAG and tried it out tonight. It DOES work. key programming, lps, drl’s can be turned off, I did program the rear hatch to open on touch of the switch, turned off the DRL and the Seatbelt buzzer. I am using a win7 pro 32bit machine and it works perfectly. I did find that you have to install the VX.exe (VX Manager) first as that is the driver and then install the TIS 12.000.127 I think works great. You have to copy a file to the techstream folder and register a number that is included on the cd.

I will look up the version numbers on the hardware and on the software after I get a chance to play some more. It does write and it has more options than my old 07 rx400h really has so anything it does not have is left blank . I was using the same software version with the cheap mini vci cable and would not write or give me the “utility” option.

Same software just a different driver and hardware so don’t know if the cheaper cable would have worked as I have already sent that one back for my refund. I did email the seller before purchase and he said it would do the keys and lps so he did tell the truth and it DOES.


As I said before the cheaper ones would not work for me but the VXDIAG VCX nano did. It also does make the vehicle recognize the key itself so I hope this helps. DRL can be turned off as I see a lot of people looking to do that.