Ford Bronco 2021-2022 Unable to Disable Traction Control Solved with VXDIAG & FDRS


I noticed my Traction Control hero button seems to do nothing. Baja mode will disable the tc so I know it will turn off. Pushing or holding the tc button does nothing.
It is a 2022 Ford Bronco.


This is a common issue on 2021-2022 Bronco 2.7L.

Cannot disable Traction Control from the Traction Control  Switch

Disable Traction Control

Quick fix with FDRS tool:

FDRS software 2-day license is $50 at



Just did mine with the abs module update. Took about 4 minutes. TC button works now.

Traction Control Fix By Repair ABS Module 1

This is a dealer fixable item. Or you can make a $176 project out of it yourself and learn how to update modules.

Will need the interface dongle and a windows computer. Dongle is $120 and $50 for the 2 day license.

I used the vcx nano by vxdiag.
Next we’re going to this page and set up vxdiag with FDRS follow the instructions.
For me I had to download FJDS and FDRS. FDRS is the program that you open. It told me the vci files were out of date and provided a link to download it. Worked great after that.
I ran the self test and checked/cleared it. No issues.