VXDIAG VCX NANO GM and Foxwell NT530 which is a better OBDII diagnostic scanner for GM models?

Vxdiag Vcx Nano Gm Vx Nt530

Here comes the user review:

Have both, and prefer the VXDIAG GM Nano, since it is able to run gds2 for the newer cars, and already comes with cable if you need to flash a module as well.

Bluntly, GM ditched the hand held Tech II’s since they could not run GDS2 for newer cars from about 2010, and went to MDI units that could run all the needed software for all the cars with one device. So a VX GM nano is really a clone of a MDI when it boils down to it, but does come with cracked version of Tech2win and GDS2 that you can run for free. If you need to use AC delco TDS or TIS2000, will run then as well and in the same manner that the GM shops run their MDI’s.


The NT530 is $178 from Amazon, costs more than vxdiag. It is a hand-held scanner. It works for both my C5 and my C7Z.   It is great for reading and clearing codes. It also does some calibrations.

But it will never do programming.

I have the VX GM Nano loaded on a dedicated laptop with Windows 7, and it works perfectly. I’ve married a Nav unit to the car, bled brakes, had the service active handling and service abs traction alarm. The Nano pinpointed to the exact connector (pin #’s) and I was able to fix the fretting issue and the alarm was cleared.


If computer savy, or willing to learn, then vcx nano gm is about the best ticket.