Clear Opel SHVCS Fault by VXDIAG VCX NANO & Service Box

Another review on Opel module programming using vxdiag vcx nano opel and PSA service box.


Using Win 10 64bit

Got the VXDIAG VCX Nano, installed VXDiag which connected fine to the device, also downaloaded latest version of Java (Java JRE 8 V341) – should have trusted that it will work but wanted to check that it made comms with the car before starting the SPS clock!

I tried installing GDS2 as others had said it will work on Win 10, however that installed more versions of Java.

Then I tried SPS but for the first few minutes I got E4214 and some description but after 2-3 minutes it seemed that my subscription had become valid and I could move ahead.
When clicked SPS and it recognised teh subscription I kept getting a message that the JAVA application wouldn’t start
I had to use the Java uninstall app on the website to uninstall all java and then JUST the latest java 32 bit for windows NOT 64bit
BUT when I tried to run the java app again by clicking the previous download I got messages saying it was an invalid link – you have to go right back to the beginning on the servicebox site and then click the SPS link again and it worked.
Then it ran the Java stufff and installed LOTS of software.
Finally I got to play.
You have to choose (clicking the passthru tool in VXDiag) what Interface you want it to emulate and hit load dll but you don’t have to select a device in the box below – once loaded you can close the dialog. Then unplug and replug the usb interface.
Programming the K114B needed the VXDiag interface chosen and car recently switched off
Programming the K16 needed the Bosch MDI interface and the car switched on
At the end of the K16 programming the process didn’t finish – waited 20 minutes – it just said trying to communicate with module and a roundy roundy icon spinning. I unplugged and replugged the USB cable and that got it to reconnect and complete.

All this and 3 minutes to spare!

It seems the old ACdelco site that gave 2 year access per VIN for $40 was a lot more fair than 55 euro for 2 hours and much sweating

The MIL light was on at the end of it all with a raft of errors. My cheapo bluetooth dongle cleared the MIL and all but 3 inactive but permanent errors relating to some comms that had failed between modules – probably whilst I was switching on and off trying to get the K16 to program..
Hopefully I can use the Nano and GDS2 to clear them in the next few days. For now the car is running fine. I just hope when I go out to the car in the morning the SHVCS has not returned as per usual. Will update in the morning but wanted to log some of this while fresh in my mind to help others.


Seems to have worked.No more SHVCS for now!