VXDIAG VCX NANO BCM SPS Programming Review March 2023

vxdiag vcx nano gm March 2023 review: This plus 45 bucks Acdelco subscription I fixed the car (’14 GMC Sierra.).

Vxdiag Vcx Nano Gm Corvette Stereo 1

I had some issue with the BCM, ECM, and I need to diagnose the car for the DTCs. Then I decided to work on it by myself…I didn’t really know anything about fixing cars…so…2 months, every night reading and learning online, I decided to give it a try. I bought the vxdiag vcx nano gm gds2, thank god the acdelco subscription is for 2 years, so I still had that. Then followed instruction on the VXDIAG website, everything was great! One thing I did was installed two systems on my computer, one I used for like tech2 and GDS, the other one is just for SPS2 programming. Because if you read, there can be problems if you use this and run SPS2 directly, to run SPS2 for programming, you need to do:

1. install the VX manager. 

2. Install Passthrough (that is in the VX manager) 

3. Run passthrough first, when the program loads, just click “load” on the top right corner, then you can start log in the website for acdelco and then start SPS2.

It may still quit sometimes, but make sure when you choose the connection you are using the VXDIAG, there are a lot of videos on youtube, the most helpful one I found was the one “how to program BCM using VXDIAG”.

Once you get car connected, basically it works as any $1000+ thing to program your car modules. I replaced my BCM, ECM, Radio, Amplifier module, and all programed fine with this! 

If you are also changing the Instrument Cluster, you can’t program it with SPS2. You need EEPROM programming, it is much easier, just find the EEPROM programming kit, which I got on ebay for 16 bucks, works amazing and yes I did got my Instrument cluster replaced too, by myself. When using EEPROM you have to make sure the parts number are the same.

So anyways, vcx nano gm works great with SPS2. For Tech2 and GDS, it works smoothly. VXDIAG website has a GDS patch or it comes in that little flash drive, patch the GDS program, start from the patched file, no problem. I got everything fixed now on my car, and yes, 2 months ago, I knew nothing about fixing cars. The last thing I fixed was getting rid of the service engine light, it has been there since the day I got the car, then since I changed throttle position module, I need to get crankshaft position relearned, I ran Tech2 and there’s an option under the ECM part to relearn it, so I did it, in about 3 mins it’s relearned and the check engine light is finally gone!

I’m pretty happy with this, I don’t think I would need to use it for a while since everything important is new and just replaced and DTC cleared once fixed, but compare to what they showed you to do it professionally and correctly, this saved me thousands of dollars. I didn’t need to go to the dealer to program modules, I didn’t need to buy parts from the dealers, I didn’t need to go to the dealer to get the code read. This is wonderful!