Vxdiag VCX Nano GM “Firmware Checksum is Incorrect” Error Solution

Vxdiag VCX Nano GM Opel GDS2 firmware checksum is incorrect. I will include pictures below. My guess is that VXManager is doing a 64-bit checksum but expects the result to be from a 32-bit checksum.




Problem description:

I have one concern remaining. On the Diagnostics screen in VXmanager, I select Passthru as one of MyApps and it shows a screen that says “Please install”. When I click the Install button, it says “Failed, Retry!”. It does the same thing when I try to Install the “GM GDS2/T2W”. I know that Tech2Win is working correctly because I have already used it for important work. I will have no need to use GM SPS for some time (and my belief is that is what “Passthru” is needed for) so I don’t know if it will fail later when I try to use it.


I do know that during the VxManager install it showed that it correctly installed “VCX Passthru Driver (SAE-J2534-2)” so perhaps the “Install” button in VxManager is not expected to work? I am attaching a picture of the failure screen.


Finally solved!!!

Hello. I found a work-around for the problem so I was able to upgrade the firmware, which means I can no longer demonstrate the problem. My work-around supports my theory that there is confusion over 32-bit vs 64-but checksum.

What I did was to install VxManager into the virtual machine used for GDS2 (which appears to be 32-bit). In that environment, there was no problem with obtaining a correct checksum and doing the firmware update.

I hope this might help the developers to make a real fix for this problem. Thank you.