VXDIAG IDS Program Ford Ranger 2013 “keys learned 0” Solution

VXDIAG vcx nano Ford Mazda IDS 121 programmed ford ranger 2013

transponder keys error “keys learned 0”. All keys were deleted, I calculated the incode.

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How to do?

It clears all keys before learning new keys.


Check that you have the correct transponder keys, also you need two keys. Remember that the VCI it is just and interface to communicate with the car, the program is that one doing the programming and that program is made by Ford. If you never programmed a key before most likely you are doing something wrong, it happens to everyone, just keep trying.


Check that transponder coil on the ignition switch, is not uncommon for ford vehicles to go bad.


You have to turn each key for five seconds and remove. You can do it several times just to make sure. Indicator light will illuminate solid and then turn off.

If you tried too and nothing happen, the problem might be with the transponder antenna on the ignition switch, use a antenna tester or a vvdi key tool or handy baby to test the antenna.



I installed Mazda ids and uninstalled ids but when I try to connect to mazda cx5, it shows “Not Found IDS”. I have installed everything. it connected to ford but Mazda is a problem

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Solution: The Ford and Mazda don’t fit together; you’ll need to install them on two separate computers. If you asked “what if I have 1 computer. can I install one at a time..and uninstall it when I want to use the other one?” the answer is “This is not recommended. If there is only one computer, make it a dual system. The way to make it a dual system: Is the normal installation system, but the installation of the second system to choose in addition to the C disk of other partitions. After installation, both your C and D disks have a boot system. So this is a hard drive that contains two systems.”

For Mazda you need to download, mazda ids, mazda vci manager, vx manager, driver from vx manager and then start IDSPatch.


Look at his image of IDS patch, select “any country”.

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What about vci software?


1- Mazda IDS.

2- Mazda VCI Manager 20.11.24.

3- VX Manager.

4- Installed Driver.

5- Update vcx nano firmware and license.

6- Run IDSPatch.


And how do I get the license?

Please get the license by Vx manager.

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Good luck!