VXDIAG Honda iH-D-S Communication Failed Solution


I got vxdiag vcx se with Honda diagnostic system. Update license and firmware, vx manager see the device, but when open iH-D-S from desktop, it failed to communicate with vehicle.

Error Communication between PC and VCI has failed. Any solution?
Vxdiag Honda Hds Communication Failed 1 Vxdiag Honda Hds Communication Failed 2


1.Make sure you have installed all these files

Free Download Honda HDS 3.102.054 Software for VXDIAG VCX Pro and VCX PLUS

Vxdiag Ihds Software 1

Vxdiag Ihds Software 2

2.Uninstall and reinstall Honda driver in vx manager

C6 Driver

3. Run Honda iH-D-S software again.