VXDIAG Benz Xentry Released to Version 2022.12

Allscanner VXDIAG Benz C6 and VCX SE Benz Xentry software were released to V2022.12 on Dec. 30th, 2022.


Software version: 12/2022 with keygen

XENTRY 12/2022
StarFinder 2016-2022
SDmedia 2014
DTS Monaco 8.13.029

Vxdiag Xentry 2022 12


12/2022 Xentry requires latest Benz C6 driver.

VX Manager UPD: Xentry Diagnosis 12/2022 new version support.


Update firmware- Update VCI and DoIP

Go to Diagnostic tab, Update Benz C6 driver

C6 Driver

Then follow instructions here to update C6 firmware VCI


VXDIAG Update Benz C6 Driver for 2022.12 Xentry