VXDIAG VCX SE JLR DoIP 2TB HDD Common Problem Solutions

Vxdiagshop here collects common problems and solutions of the 2TB SDD/Pathfinder HDD software for vxdiag vcx se full.


Problem 1:

JLR DoIP pathfinder does not communicate with vehicle,  software runs ok, the vehicle is connected, but Pathfinder has no VCI communication.

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 5


Missing JLR VCI driver.

Download and Install JLR VCI software driver here




Problem 2:

My vxdiag vcx se Pathfinder software displays in Chinese. How can i change it to English?

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 6


Go to the Setting option, then change language to English.

After reset language, exit and run software again.

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 7


Problem 3:

I started the 2TB JLR SDD software, after login with user name and password, it says network connection not detected.

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 14 Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 15


Download and install JLR SDD offline patch here.

Then run SDD again.



Problem 4:

I got the JLR DoIP driver installed and the correct VCI selected, but Pathfinder will not communicate with my vehicle. It says the vehicle is not supported after manual input VIN.

Any solution?

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 1

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 2

Vxdiag Jlr 2tb Hdd Error 3


Vehicle is not connected. Once vehicle is connected, JLR pathfinder will cummunicate with vehicle.




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