Possible to Unlock VXDIAG VCX NANO Firmware for More Brands?


I have a vxdiag vcx nano for gm but i have noticed that there are others for difference brands, visually there isn’t much difference in each and by there discription they all support the same protocols, and support j2534 pass thru. So is it just the firmware/software that locks them To a brand ? Also seeing that they do a 3 in 1 pro version makes me even more curious, as this version gives you three different brands and can purchase more. So can the brand specific versions be unlocked/ hacked to support these other brands?



You need a dump of the firmware in the Vxdiag processor, it must contain the serial number and license.

We have customer dumped the firmware from the device.

They try to do it with the help of STlink or Jlink.  Connect as in the picture.

Flash Vxdiag Vcx Nano Firmware

These are Ept FTDI Dumps for vxdiag vcx nano gm and ford




and try to get bootloader not just firmware. You have to lower protection from level 2 to 1. All in pdf.

vxdiag firmware

Unlock STM32


They find a way to get the license file from vcxdiag servers, but they are clearly encrypted. Below are file of vcx nano, and one for a VCX Pro unit. Same size license file, both files start with this :



And ends with this :



If you dump bootloader from GM and Ford-Mazda vxdiag, you can use one tool for 3 brands.

But another question is that Ford’s and GM’s boards are different and not all communication protocols will work in a GM program on a Ford board.
Test results:
1. Plugging the device back, it won’t start.
2. screwed up in writing this in the STM32
3. st32f407 is completely cleaned, after uploading GM dump or Ford still does not work
Be cautious some killed their vcx nano by flashing the bootloader/firmware.
Don’t take a risk to unlock vcx nano for multi-brands. You are missing licenses for other brands as well.
If need a vcx for 3 brands, get a VCX SE Pro
If need 7 brands, get vxdiag full brands.