VXDIAG VCX NANO Techstream Possible to Program 2017 RAV4 New Smart Key?

Car model and year: 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Executive


Purpose: program a new smart key


Toyota cable and software:

VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota WIFI adapter with techstream V15.00.026


Toyota techstream V15.00.026 Free Download and Installation


What required:

A laptop: a Windows 10 64bit laptop for example.

PS: someone feedback they run it on a 32 bit OS and I tried EVERYTHING to make it work under 64 bit.



What worked so far?

  1. I can connect to all the available ECUs the RAV4 has.

These are the ECUs after doing a Health Check, supposedly all white ECUs without an asterisc are available in my RAV4, those with an asterisc at the beginning of their name are not available, for example my RAV4 does not have a Moonroof:

Vxdiag Toyota Techstream Rav4 2017

  1. The cable check utility returns a mostly successful test:

Vxdiag Toyota Techstream Rav4 2017 1


  1. Able to customize some functions, for example I change the Lane change blinker from 3 blinks to 4 blinks.


  1. Able to read TPMS sensors IDs and their reported values: Temperature and Pressure.


  1. Program new TPMS IDs.


What failed?

Failed to register new smart key.

I am also not able to do the Key Code Erasure utility, same thing as soon as I click next, it shows the same communication error:

Vxdiag Toyota Techstream Rav4 2017 4

Solution to smart key programming?


I was told that smart key programming can be carried out online only with Toyota official license.


An original online account: Toyota changed the rule for add keys for some models. Now you need passcode for adding second key. You need to buy Security Profession subscription and calculate passcode from Toyota official.

Vxdiag Toyota Techstream Rav4 2017 6

There are three different subscriptions types of Techstream; standard, professional diagnostic and security professional.
Before purchasing a Security Professional subscription, you must be a current member of the NASTF Vehicle Security Professional Registry.

Techstream Program New Smart Key 2017 Rav4 01

Image 1: Techstream subscriptions


So vxdiag vcx nano toyota is a good buy for diagnosis test. It won’t register smart keys for newer models unless you have online access.