2011 Subaru Outback AT Learning with VXDiag SSM III

Car model and year: 2011 Subaru Outback


Symptom: replaced the CVT valve body and got fluid back up to proper level. I have the VXDiag SSM3 tool and reset the two memories. I tried to re-learn using the tool but keep getting “AT learning ended abnormally”.

Vxdiag Subaru

Image: VXDiag SSM3 tool



you need lift the car up and then set the parking brake and then do the learn procedure, if it aborts during the test, adjust your parking brake accordingly…


Finally, AT Learning normally with VXDiag SSM III Subaru tool:

I have VXDiag SSM III running on an old Win7 PC (Win10 is not supported) that is not on the internet (or any network). If there is any malware I’ve not seen evidence of it yet – running about 30 days.


I was able to get the Subaru Select Monitor III software with the VXDiag tool to clear the Transmission diagnostic memories and complete the relearn on the CVT. In my case it did not seem to be the parking brake that caused the abnormal ending of the relearn since I adjusted the parking brake but it still did not complete the relearn.

My problem seemed to be that I need to do the Rear differential inspection mode. I went down this path since, in addition to the AT OIL TEMP light blinking 8 times per 2 seconds then off for two seconds and repeating (this pattern indicates the AT learning is not complete), the AWD light was blinking twice per second continuously. The Service Manual states:

AWD light blinks at 2 Hz when any of following malfunctions are detected with engine ON.
1. When tire with different diameter is installed, or air pressure of any of four wheels is excessively low
2. When “Rear differential inspection mode” is judged as NG <Ref. to DI-84, Rear Differential Inspection

So, I ran the Rear differential inspection mode and then the AT learning mode – and it completed normally. I took the car for a short drive and it feels much better – although still not shifting as smooth as it should. Maybe, it will improve.