Does VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Come with Chevrolet Database?


I just bought the vxdiag vcx nano for gm but I can’t find any database for Chevrolet Corvette. Where can i find the database? Solution:

Both our software CD and download link contains GM database.

Free Download 2019.04 vxdiag gm gds2 software!jN4lSYaA!5Q_p4sZEySxLu6HVPP418A!HI4BmCCR

Software including:

Vxdiag Gm Software 1

Database including:

GM China v2019.04
GM Global V2019.04
OpelVauxhall V2019.04
Saab V2019.04

Vxdiag Gm Software 2

Vxdiag Gm Software 3