Possible to Program Land Cruiser TPMS IDs with VXDIAG Toyota Techstream?


Wrongfully assumed loading new TPMS IDs was as easy as my 2006 Land Cruiser.

Vehicle in question is a 2015 LC, 09/2014 build date



First attempt:

Steps I have taken so far

  • Attempted with Techstream V13 something and a V1.4.1 mini mini cable
  • Attempted with Techstream V14 something and a V2.0.4 mvci cable
  • Attempted with Techstream V14 something and a V1.4.1 mini vci cable

Cables connect, Techstream works fine, fails on the same screen when it tries to write sensor IDs to the vehicle, gives t “ground terminal blah blah blah

Throughout this all I can read TPMS codes, read live data, clear codes, all other modules perform normally.

One thing I noticed is that both cables pass the CAN test but both fail the K line and L Line test.



Second attempt:

I emailed Drew Tech regarding their Mongoose cable and they could not confirm or deny that it would allow you to set TPMS IDs on a 2015 LC. That’s a little disappointing for a $500 cable.



Third attempt:

I have looked at the Autel offerings but not in depth. A friend of mine got a Autel TS408 and OEM sensor.  He was managed to program it to a 2013 LC200. A $250 tool that’s a 1 time fee is a lot more my speed than a phone/subscription based service.



Fourth attempt:

Tonight I got my VXDiag VCX Nano for Toyota from vxdiagshop and set it up. Installation was pretty painless, shows up as another VCI option in Techstream once you install the drivers.

What I noticed right away was communication with the vehicle was faster – way faster. even than the 2.0.x mini VCI cable.

I had the most success connecting the VCX Nano to my PC, opening the utility software that comes with the VCX Nano and making sure its all good in the hood, then starting Techstream.

Went to load up my new TPMS sensor IDs and it loaded them quickly and painlessly.

Viewed sensor data and the new IDs are loaded in.

The decision to do OEM sensors programmed through Techstream came down to a few things.

  • Closest Discount Tire is an hour away, local Mom and Pop shop has always treated me right – but I bought 4 wheels with tires and 4 more tires in the bed of a pickup to them so no option to program my vehicle
  • I highly value being able to do service myself, even if it means spending lots of money on tools.
  • I wanted to keep my original wheels and tires mounted and ready to go for winter or just because I want to sell my LC with the OEM wheels and tires, since a set of 5 mounted and balanced Rock Warriors/All Terrains with LC TPMS pull a premium.
  • Wanted OEM sensors
  • Subscription based services/tools rub me the wrong way even if they are the cost effective solution.
  • VXDIAG VCX Nano + 5 Denso TPMS sensors cost me $240.
  • I learned a lot, and that is priceless.

The TPMS listed by Denso for my 2015 LC do not work. I had to order ones for a 2014. Those program and worked perfectly. I have a Sept 2014 built 2015 LC.