VXDIAG VCX Pro Small 3-in-1 Multi Tool Review

Received my vxdiag vcx nano pro 3-in-1 small device and finally got it well installed.  Sharing experience here. Hope it helps.

Vcx Pro 3 Vcx Pro 2 Vcx Pro 1

The vcx pro requires heavy computer, knowledge and internet resourcefulness


Get a laptop, load it up with 16gb ram and a 1TB SSD, and spend a day collecting the software for the make of car you’re working on. Spend hours building a Windows 7 and win 10 dual boot. Be safe, partition SSD in 100gb chunks, as the software is huge and some won’t interact with each other and you have to install multiple copies of windows, weach on their own partition.

After all that, it’ll do the work of a $5000 dealership computer /server.

Updated my Ford escapes computers, reset it’s entire system and optimized it, and fixed serious issues.
It was neat watching it control everything as it fixed stuff.



It is the only VXDIAG VCX Pro interface which is compatible with multi software on one machine.

This default software is GM Ford Mazda 3 in 1. You can choose any three car models  from GM/Ford/Mazda/VW/HONDA/VOLVO/TOYOTA/JLR.