VXDIAG BMW Passthru ISTA Not Working Properly Solution

Software: original BMW diagnostic software ISTA+ Passthru version

Hardware: VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW

Problem: ista+ passthru failed to communicate with vcx se interface.

Displayed 3 errors:

1)  The connection to one of the required databases for the language en-GB could not be established.
Language switched to the default en-GB.

2) ISTA is no longer working properly.

3) The Vehicle Could not be identified successfully. Check vehicle interface and “PAD active”

vxdiag-bmw-passthru-1 vxdiag-bmw-passthru-2 vxdiag-bmw-passthru-3

Possible reason:

You have installed the BMW PassThru driver instead of  VXDIAG vx manager driver.


VXDIAGSHOP solution:

1.If you need to use original BMW software,  please install VX Manager driver but not Passthru driver.  You can download VX Manager from our website “Download” column

2. If failed to install original BMW software, you are recommended to use our VXDIAG BMW HDD with ISTA-D, ISTAP (4.17.13 ISTA-P and engineering software programs.