VXDIAG Full JLR SDD Software Not Starting After Enter Password Solution

Device: VXDIAG with full brand 2TB HDD

Problem:  JLR SDD software not starting after enter SDD user name and password

Vxdiag Cannot Start Sdd Error 1Vxdiag Cannot Start Sdd Error 2Vxdiag Cannot Start Sdd Error 3Vxdiag Cannot Start Sdd Error 4




Possible reason:

You didn’t install patch or run offline mode.


VXDIAGSHOP solution:

Run SDD PATCH offline mode before starting SDD software.


Follow steps below to use SDD:

1.Install Patch

Free download JLR SDD software incl. patch


If you have patch already, go to step 2.

2. Enable network connection

3. Run SDDpatch from Tools folder on the desktop

4. Enter user name and password on the User notepad

5. Select Offline Mode (2nd option) to run SDD

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 1

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 6

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 5

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 3

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 4

Run SDD offline success.

Software is ready to use.

Vxdiag Sdd Patch Tool 7