(Solved) VXIDAG Subaru SSM4 Activation Period for Old Version Expires Error


I have install the free SSM4 software in VXDIAG Subaru package. It prompted me to change computer date/time to 1 year ago. Otherwise it displayed error message below. Do you have newer version SSM4 that can work with the VXDIAG vcx plus?

“Subaru Select Monitor 4

You are trying to install an old version of the SSM4 software.

The activation period for this version expires.

Please install the latest version software”


But they way, when i diagnose full system with Subaru SSM3 software, it gave me another error:

“CF application version update failed. ErrCode=2”


VXDIAGShop solution:

1)Our VXDIAG multi tool is compatible with SSM3 software only. Don’t install SSM4 software.

2)If you have SSM3 error code 2, press OK to continue.


To install VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 software, please follow the video guide step-by-step here: