VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Review on GR Yaris UK model

Here comes the vxdiag vcx nano toyota scanner unbiased user review on Toyota GR Yaris, UK model.


I got a VXDIAG OBD adapter to work using the supplied Techstream V17 software supplied by them (with a ‘crack patch” to defeat dealer licence info I assume).

I connect over Wifi rather than USB.

1. install the drivers by installing VX Manager, (latest version on the VXDIAG website), connect the VXDIAG by USB and upgrade the firmware & licence if required.
2. install Techstream V17.10.012 (or latest V18 version on the VXDIAG website)
3. copy the shortcut patch to the desktop
4. run Techstream from the original shortcut
5. fill out the registration by putting anything in the fields, select your region
6. if asked for a key on the next screen, just press cancel
7. at the main UI, select >Setup >VIM Select >change from TIS to Toyota … on the click down field, exit program
8. plug VXDIAG in the ODB2 port and connect via wifi through “Network and internet settings”
9. open Techstream via the shortcut patch on the desktop

I’ve finally got it working. I’ve made the lane-change indicators flash 4 times instead of 3, enabled the auto windows up & down from key fob and lock turn, and disabled ESE which I think I actually prefer – it now sounds like a car and not a computer game (a rather feeble car but I’m hearing a lot more of the dump valve which I do like, despite sounding like a mouse sneezing!)