Will VXDIAG Unlock Renault Gateway?

Customer question:

Will vxdiag vcx nano/vcx se unlock Renault gateway? I have Renault dongle.

Vcx Nano Renault Package Package


VXDIAG Renault Clip V219 software works on Renault models till year 2022, for pre 2022 vehicle you don’t need to unlock gateway. Hook it up to OBDII socket and it will access vehicle.

For 2023 models, i.e if connect with connector to Renault Traffic 2023  it will show need usb flash renault dongle.

Renualt Token

clip want token to connect renault server for emulating 16 bit online !

If connect other OBD2 scanners you will receive message that the gateway is locked.

You will need a genuine Renault Clip or Aliicance VCI.+token (E-token). VXDIAG is not compatible with original USB renault dongle. So it will not unlock gateway for 2023 models.

Buy an E token from Renault ASOS or if you already have one and it is inserted into the computer you may need to re activate it. All informtion can be found on Renault ASOS site.

Renault Token