VXDIAG Benz Xentry Software Update to V2023.06

VXDIAG Xentry software was released to V2023.06 version on July 3rd, 2023.


Compatible devices: vxdiag benz c6, vxdiag vcx se benz, vxdiag full/vcx se full

Software comes in 500GB HDD/SSD format (single brand for MB only) or 2TB HDD/SSD (full brands)


Software list:

XENTRY, 06/2023
WIS/EPC, 06/2021
StarFinder 2016-2022
SDmedia 2014
DTS Monaco 8.13.029


2023 06 Vxdiag Xentry 1

2023 06 Vxdiag Xentry 4

2023 06 Vxdiag Xentry 3

Update Benz C6 driver to latest version

2023 06 Vxdiag Xentry 2


After update C6 driver, run Xentry recovery tool on the desktop to sync Xentry VCI (VCI version 202306).

2023 06 Vxdiag Xentry 5

Procedure to set new xentry up: Update firmware/VCI-> Update C6 driver-> Sync VCI.