VXDIAG Honda Software Missing Files Solution

Problem 1:

In VXDIAG Honda scanner I have a problem that in the download some of the files are blocked for suspicious virus, it’s on the iH-D-S, in the part of prerequisites, starts with 57b, that file I have to locate it manually from Microsoft to complete the folder.

The file name it’s Windows installer KB893803-V2-x86.exe.

Vxdiag Honda Hds Windows Installer


If missing this file, you can download Windows installer patch here separately.





Problem 2:

I am now having a problem with Honda iH-D-S software. The immobilizer setup seems to be missing from the download. If I click on the immobilizer icon in the iH-D-S software, I get an error message that it can’t locate a missing file. The instructions show to run the immobilizer setup tool, but that file was not in the download link provided. Is it located elsewhere?



Here you can download iH-D-S software specialty

Honda iH-D-S 1.006.059