Chevy Caprice PPV Remote Start Programming with VXDIAG and SPS

Chevrolet Caprice Remote start programming experience with vxdiag vcx nano gm and SPS.


Model example 1: 2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Tool required:

the hood latch with connector, PN 92258586.
two transmitters, PN 92237316. This includes the battery and buttons.

VXIAG VCX NANO for GM programming tool


I ordered the VXDiag programming tool on
I followed their pdf installation guide to setting it up. In order to use and run the tool. It also emulates Tech2 which is nice to have. It can also clear and reset modules, including brake position relearn among others.

After getting setup I paid $40 for the SPS subscription from AcDelco. You’ll have to use Firefox or similar browser with the latest Java updates, as AcDelco SPS would not launch in Chrome for me. In SPS I went to the (IMMO) Immobilizer module and programmed it yes to have remote start. I noticed there were three different options to program.
*(9C3) Police Vehicle, Limited Content
*(9C1/9C3) – Standard vehicle ***Only this ones shows a different calibration code than the other two***
SPS Caprice 1
I also programmed the RFA module (Remote Function Actuator). It has an option for Middle East, and USA and Canada (Police Cars). I chose the obvious one, and programmed it.

After all of this, remote start DOES NOT WORK. All doors, trunk, and hood are closed. The signal lamps flash once like they are supposed to. I emailed the local dealership and he said that is exactly why he offers the service, and he said it can’t be done otherwise.

So the VXdiag is a good investment, it emulates Tech2 and can be used with AcDelco SPS. I would have had to order the parts anyhow, but if you’re not interested in having a programming tool, just send your BCM to dealership. I am $300 invested, with no remote start and my TPMS was cleared during one of my many programming cycles so that light is on too.



Alright got my BCM back today. Remote start is a go.

The option shows up in the DIC. The relearn steps I had to perform via the VXdiag and Tech2 were:

Brake pedal position relearn
Setup primary SDM key in BCM
Tire pressure/size information to 39psi front and 44 rear
Use TPMS tool to re-pair sensors.

No lights, no Christmas trees, no codes in any modules, and with remote start.

In conclusion, I bought two fobs with the PNs listed above. I bought the hood latch with connector. The VXdiag helped me perform SPS functions to flash the Immobilizer and RFA modules. In return for a $40 subscription to ACdelco SPS.

With the $150 plus shipping to send my BCM to dealership, I’m under 500 bucks for fully functional factory remote start.



Model example 2: 2011 Caprice PPV

If you are not a IT guy or under 30 years old I would highly suggest taking your car to someone else to deal with this mess but it is very possible to figure out if you can take your time and be patient after each step

You need:

$165 Send BCM to dealership
$115 plug it back in and then get the VXIAG VCX NANO for GM unit, install the software for such and then connect the TECH2 clone software to car to erase all the error codes your car now has.
$0 jumper your hood switch or buy new part (stupid it doesn’t need it)
$23 buy a remote start GM fob half to keys….
$40 get a SPS subscription to your VIN# and then enable the option for remote start inside of their software which for me was a giant struggle as its clearly from the 1980’s and only runs in Windows Explorer using JAVA which is eliminated now in Chrome, etc….

So $350 plug whatever beer or therapy you require after attempting to do this and you can have factory keyless remote start…