Will VXDIAG VCX NANO Perform GM ABS Brake Bleed?

Yes, VXDIAG VCX NANO is able to perform GM ABS brake bleeding.


User experience:


I picked up a vxdiag vcx nano gm interface and performed the auto bleed procedure on the ABS control. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! Now I have pedal height and brakes that I haven’t seen since this rig was new.

Flushed many times over the last 300k miles. It doesn’t even come close to the effectiveness of using the Tech 2 on it. But to answer your question, I flushed after and then re-initiated the ABS with the tech 2.

This alone was well worth money.



Should have my  vxdiag vcx nano clone unit something this week, and will go through it with a fine tooth comb to see that is really needed.

On tech2win, although the op is stating that its working in 64 bit mode, really want to go through it to double check if it needs to run in win 7 compatible mode for everything to work “correctly” instead.

GDS2 is run in VM mode under a XP shell so that should be trouble free, but need to check out SDS to see if it has a connection to AC delco/if it has been set up with some sort of an asian account to pull down firmware files. Here, got a feeling that you would need to get a one day subscription in order to pull down the firmware from GM, but want to see if it can still used firmware files that have been stored without needing a SDS account.

Hence if you do need an account to pull firmware files since you can’t find them elsewhere, you want to pull down all the firmware file for your car and store them when you do have that one day account.

As for cycling the ABS pump with either a tech II or tech2win with the vxdiag vcx nano for gm, and note that you do the procedure before you power flush/bleed, then after as well.

also, since the abs pump is not used much for most drivers, and you do have a vxdiag vcx nano gm on hand, not a bad idea to run the pump about twice a year. This will cycle the stagnant fluid out of the pump, to refill it with fluid that has been recirculating; but still do a complete power brake flush around every two years still.