FAQ VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW and Software

Q:  Does the VCX SE BMW supports DoIP models?

A: Yes.


Q:  Can it make passthru too, or only bmw? Do it have driver j2534 for can make j2534 of other brands?

A:  VCX SE for BMW has j2534 driver. but only supports bmw j2534.  The scanner is for single brand. Not possible to add other license to the device.


Q: Does the vcx se come with BMW software?

A: The vcx se unit does not come with BMW ista software. It comes with a vx manager driver CD.

You need to purchase software HDD separately, software is available here: VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Software 500GB HDD with ISTA-D 4.17.13 ISTA-P

Note: If you use the seperate HDD, you don’t have to install driver on CD.


Q: Does it compatible with original BMW software?
A:   Yes.
Q: How to install BMW software for VXDIAG VCX SE?
1). With original BMW software, insert the CD in the package to install the driver first, then run BMW software.
2). Without original BMW software, insert the HDD to the computer to directly run without installation.


Q: Can i installed vcx se software on Linux OS?

A:  No.


Q: What’s the difference between VCX SE BMW and VCX PLUS for BMW?

A: They share the same function. You can add license to VCX PLUS but cannot add it to vcx se.


Q: What is the WiFi password to VCX SE BMW?

A: 12345678


Q: What is the Fn button on the vcx se unit used for?


A:  It is a reset button used when fail to start device after firmware upgrade.



Q: What is the difference between vcx se bmw and other BMW diagnostic tools?

A: Cheaper and better quality.



Q: How to connect vcx se bmw with vehicle?

A: Check the connection diagram below


Q: What’s in the vcx se software CD?


A: The CD contains vx manager driver which can be downloaded free from official website as well.