Will VXDIAG IDS Flash a Mazda 6 USA Model?

Feedback from Russian user:

Yesterday a very interesting Mazda 6 came to me, produced in the USA market with the 2.5 engine. 

There were many questions: – Automatic transmission- Will my VXDIAG VCX NANO be able to flash it or not? Therefore, I wanted to quickly connect to her ecu and see. 
The connection is similar to our Mazda (Russian Mazda), then the Mazda IDS program determines the vin and the model of car, engine, drive axle, etc. We go further into the reprogramming of the module and the program determines the firmware of the box and offers to update it.  Just below I will lay out a few photos of TCM updating.
PS: Bonus changed the temperature overboard with Fahrenheit to Celsius.
We have already done it on Ford: We have flashed the engine with a newer firmware, activated the door lock while driving, activated the flat tire system, you can also disable the passenger and driver sensors and a whole lot more. Setup is a little bit troublesome, but it works nice after get it well installed.