VXDIAG Tech2Win 2006 Pontiac Review on Win11

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM recent reviews.

“I’m writing to you from 2022. I just set this up on a Windows 11 (!!) laptop. Be prepared to spend some time with it.

I followed the video. I had one issue. The files in the USB drive for the 2nd setup didn’t quite match the video. I googled “VXDIAG Download“, which took me to their website. I downloaded the latest installer, and that was it. You have to do all kinds of playing with the drivers and such to get it to work and not for the novice user.

I took off 1 star mostly because the USB cable it came with was wound so tight that it now connects/disconnects if I bump it (not that it falls out, it but my laptop loses connectivity).

I tested this on two vehicles. A 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 and a 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500. Keep in mind that the internal menu’s of a Tech II won’t always have the names you are used to. For example my van was a “Pontiac APV U Body”.

The commands available for newer vehicles (2006 vs 2000) are pretty cool. I specifically bought this to do ABS speed sensor testing, but it’s fun to play around with. Much cheaper than a Tech 2.

I was also able to use as a MDI2 emulator with my ACDELCO TDS SPS2 subscription to update all the computers and infotainment in another Corvette C7 to the latest dealer versions so I didn’t have to go to the dealer to pay for updates. Works great for j2534 programming. $45 for two year subscription for 1 VIN is a killer deal when it costs minimum $200 to see a dealer, let alone even do an update. I was scared the entire time I was updating the computer modules in my car, but it worked. Plenty of guides online show how to use this VXDIAG NANO with ACDELCO TDS/SPS2 software. But user beware at their own risk, no telling what else this little thing is doing in the background.