Subaru Scanner Autel vs Launch X431 vs Openport vs VXDIAG

Which obd2 diagnostic scanner to link up with your Subaru SJ Forester’s? For example a 2015 2.5i-L CVT. Check which scanner will do maintenance and access their ECU/TCUs.


Autel MK808:
When I got it, it couldn’t do any DPF functions whatsoever. It still can’t scan and detect my VIN, nor can it reset the service/oil dilution. So essentially, its an expensive battery, that I take out and charge every now and again.
Another trap. The Software and support licence runs out. So “no soup for you”.
$600 is a lot to pay, if its just for your car. You could probably buy a new DPF for that, or three cordierite ones.


Autel AP200:
Now I gave Autel ap200 i think its called. Also promises to do everything. I have tried to do injector learning an to my surprise it worked. The app kinda crashed, but function was completed successfully. There is also a bug, i think, where before the function it asks if i have replaced an injector and two options -ok and cancel. Cancel does what you expect it to do, but pressing ok, it clears out “distance since injector replaced” and performs injector learning procedure. So it kinda works. On DPF regen function there is also a question – if i have replaced my dpf and also ok and cancel. Haven’t tried to go further.

Launch X431 CRP429
I have tried Launch crp479 ($300) that promised to do everything on subaru. But it didn’t. I did all updates, but still no luck.



SSM4 starts up fine, I enter my VIN, however there appears to be no connectivity from the OBD port, no readings, no signal, nothing. After some research, it works.

It is good for re-flashing but does not communicate with the OEM software.


From for $250 you can get VXdiag, which is the only aftermarket tool that supports dealer diagnosic software SSM3. I go with that. Supposedly this works with the upto the 09 models. This would be awesome if it does.

I got the VXDIAG Subaru. It works fine with the SSMIII software included although there’s limited modules you can access on old 2004 FSTI (it’s K-Line which is pre-canbus), i’ve added transponders to the immobiliser and general engine ECU logging and fault clearing. Should be a much more useful tool on the later full canbus cars.



In summary:

For one cheap Cable /Interface, you can try TACTRIX OpenPort J2534.

Professional Jobs check the VXDIAG SUBARU Diagnostic Tool that works SSM3 and SSM4 till 2020 Year.