VXDIAG Update PT3G Driver to Support 41.300

Allscanner VXDIAG released a new PT3G driver for Porsche tester 3.

2022.10.13 V3.2.1.221013

UPDATE: Support new version PT3G 41.300.000

Vxdiag Porsche Driver

In order to use PI-WI-S 41.300.000 software, you must update driver to v3.2.1.

How to Update Porsche PT3G driver?

In VX Manager, go to Diagnostic Tab, choose PT3G and run a driver upgrade.


PT3G 41.300 full version developer mode can be activated from the program panel. It gives the possibility of flesh coding, activation includes flash and zdk files of the latest version of PTTD files, and additionally 12gb pdf with technical information and PETKA 8.3.


PT3G V41 Function

1.Diagnostics and programming/coding
2. Support Vehicles: Supports all Porsche up to 2022
3. Multi-languages: German, English, US English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese , Netherlands
4. Vehicle coverage:

Porsche 911 (997) (991)
Boxster/Cayenne (987)
up to 2010 Cayenne
from 2011 Cayenne
Panamera Especially the latest model
Panamera (971)
2020 2. Cayenne (92A)
2020 3. Macan (95B)
2020 4.911 (991) 2020
2021 992


New DoIP Ethernet diagnostic technology supports Porsche models from 2002 onwards

Compatibility table
PIWIS Ⅰ 1998-2008 (V1~V10)
PIWIS Ⅱ 1998-2016 (V11~V18)
PIWIS Ⅲ 1998-2022 (V35~V40 ) )
PIWIS Ⅳ 1998-2022~ (V41~)
Since it is V41.300, it is the latest major update product in September 2022 among PI-WIS-4. (The higher the middle three digits, the newer)

Release 38.・・・ 39.・・・ is the version at the bottom of the screen where PI-WIS-3 is launched.
V40 in 2021
V39 in 2020
V38 in 2019
V37 in 2018
The larger the number, the newer it is. (The last 3 digits are the same.)