VXDIAG JLR Pathfinder Online Account Stuck on Login Page?



Me and some others had login problem with the JLR Pathfinder online programming and vxdiag vcx se jlr device. Only login for once.

When you try to login again then your Login not work, this problem only show.  vxdiag is blocked by the JLR official?

Vxdiag Jlr Pathinder Login


Sure 100% and tested on topix website
My username and password are corrected
I’m stuck on log in page

Jlr Pathfinder Won't Login



It is not the vxdiag device issue.  JLR Topix server has banned all third-party devices. During this time, users cannot login once only with online account except the original JLR DoIP VCI.

VXDIAG cracked SDD and Pathfinder in HDD format. Recommend to take Optional SDD and Pathfinder HDD together. With HDD, can do the same programming and coding functions without online access.

Don’t run an update when opening Pathfinder software in HDD.



JLR Pathfinder has changed the online programming policy.

Pathfinder diagnosis is not affected, only programming.

Is It True That JLR Pathfinder Will Be Shut Down In April?