JLR Pathfinder VCI Mongoose, Dadongle or VXDIAG?


I’m thinking of buying another machine since I don’t have money to buy VCI and Pathfinder. Should I go for Mongoose, Dadongle, Vxdiag which one is the best among them and which one does more programming among them I need your advice.




If you need to buy a tool, you need to blindly buy one, and check out the lapses and advantages of the tool over time. No one tool is the best.

For example, mongoose cannot diagnose some vehicles properly, immediately it’s plugged CAN communication of the some vehicles is bridged.

While the VXDIAG cannot perform programming without Topix subscription and online access.

DA DOIP DONGLE is a good tool for JLR Pathfinder and SDD, it supports CAN and DoIP protocols, DA has already fixed some bugs, so currecntly this tool can update/flash ECU, key coding, CCF, etc. without any issues. You have to use the latest driver and update the firmware via DA APP HUB, then all set.

Please note DA DOIP DONGLE D-PDU Passthru device does not support ISO9141 and J1850PWM protocol that used for old JLR car models in SDD.

But I will advise you to try out the VXDIAG because it supports more communication protocols than mongoose.


Dose vxdiag work for jlr pathfinder?

Yes, Vxdiag full big vci Doip and the vcx se jlr doip, but not the vcx nano jlr.

Vcx Doip Jlr Vcx Se Jlr Doip

Do i need to other software to adapt the vxdiag vci properly to work with jlr pathfinder doip?

No, you don’t need.