Mercedes ME 2.8 ECU Quick test by VXDIAG Benz C6

The new VXDIAG Benz C6 package arrives, once you’ve unpacked it all, and made sure it’s all there.

Plug Lappy into charger, the Battery likely needs it.
Read on, be patient before booting it up, wait for it.

We are doing Mercedes SLK 170 s-class ME 2.8 after doing a “Quick Test” will take you into that ECU !!

“Quick Test”, now that’s a fine example of bad translation and means an “all modules scan” On a fully loaded S Class quick is the last thing it is.

I did a brief guide.

Here goes:-

Do this in your lounge, well away from the Car.

Mux and Leads may or may not need to be plugged in to lappy to have a little play with SIMULATOR, which is a good place to start, lot’s including myself have found this unnecessary?

Plug in Your VCX C6 to Laptop, and Diag Lead to Mux, as above, then boot it up, and once the HDD light has stopped flashing simply double click on “DAS Sim” Icon which should take you here

Select what you are working on (Cars)

Now Select what particular Car, which takes a few steps


Exact Model

Now we’re ready we can either do a “Quick Test” to scan the whole Car, or just access a single system if we know where we want to go.

Ignore the last 2 options here you’ll not use these they are for MB Reception / Office use etc and need Online Subscription.

When the Quick Test is done you will see a list of all Modules that are present (without going too into depth this is worth a good look, if any are missing it is indicating a problem).

Now, click and highlight ME 2.x and either double click it, hit F3 on the Keyboard, or click on the F3 Green Tick Icon, this will ask you to confirm you have read the Health and Safety Blurb, select yes

Now it takes you into the ME ECU and lists all the options you can play with ….

When you are new to this I suggest you stay the heck away from “Developer” and “Initial Start Up” !!

“Actuations” (switches stuff on and off for testing), “Actual Values” (= Live Data) and “Control Unit Adaptations” (= Version Codings etc) can be used initially with care, you can always back out using F1 if you think you might be about to FUBAR ?

Make a note if playing with Version Codings, then if you don’t get the result you expected, you can re set it to where it was !! Screen Shots are useful in your early days ;)
Everything can usually be un done but Developer can be a bit naughty if you actuate something when you shouldn’t.

Click on Fault Codes and next you will see any Codes and descriptions, (I’m not sure in Simulator) but when connected to the Car, if you double click a fault code it takes you through steps to check / diagnose in likely order. You will notice in this Simulation there is millions of fault codes, well no surprise there, there really isn’t a Car connected lol ….

To Erase Codes, look for a Pencil Eraser >:D hit that and it will ask you to cycle ignition, in SIM there is a button (red arrow) but on Car obviously you need to cycle the Ignition Key following the on screen prompts, (don’t just click off and straight back on), wait until SDS says “switch Ign on” !!

This is as far as I went today, plenty for you to take in.

There is I hope plenty for you to take in right now, but I hope this will help you guys get started.