SVCI MDI2 VS VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands incl. GM


VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands incl. GM and many other car brands is much more cost-effective than SVCI MDI2 which is supposed to purchase separately the models it can work with.


The above conclusion can be proved by one piece of SVCI MDI2 FAQ from the official site:

Q: SVCI MDI2 is all software free?

A: SVCI MDI2 is available in several versions, including standard, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Nissan and all. Ben edition is on the basis of the standard version of the opening of Benz software function, other versions of the analogy, the all-powerful version refers to the opening of all software.

Look at SVCI MDI2 package:

Svci Mdi2 Vs Vxdiag Multi Tool 02


And VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands incl JLR HONDA GM VW FORD MAZDA TOYOTA Subaru VOLVO BMW BENZ with 2TB HDD with T420 laptop:

Svci Mdi2 Vs Vxdiag Multi Tool 03


What about the functions Comparison?

  1. VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands

Generally speaking, VXDIAG Multi Tool can perform full-system diagnosis and programming functions for BMW, BENZ, GM, Ford / Mazda, Toyota, Honda, VW ODIS, LandRover / Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo, VW Software etc.

Svci Mdi2 Vs Vxdiag Multi Tool 04


Software version:

BMW   ISTA-D 4.28.22, ISTA-P 68.0.800

BENZ  2021.06, xentry, DTS 8.13.029

VW    7.1.1


PW II  V18.100.000

VOLVO  2014D



GM    GDS2 V22.1.009 / 2020.7, tech2win 23.002,

TOYOTA Techstream V15.00.026

HONDA  HDS V3.103.048, i-HDS V1.005.048

SUBARU 2020.7, SSM3 V1.55.69.8, SSM4 V22.60


For the specific functions, this page list all:


And this article include all users questions and answers of VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands


Next is SVCI MDI2 function:

As it claimed, it can perform these functions, but better refer to the users’ feedback.


DTC detect

Online programming


Immo match


Check circuit diagram

ECU flash

DTC description

Change Configuration

Data import / export


Okay, the author prefers VXDIAG Full Brands to SVCI MDI2 super vehicle communication Interface, coz VXDIAG Multi Tool save much money when they perform the same functions. You just take a deeper look at the manufacture’s description and customer feedback.