VXDIAG Benz WIS EPC “Unknown LAN ID” Solution

Here comes the solution to VXDIAG VCX SE Benz or Benz C6 DoIP WIS EPC software “Unknown LAN ID” problem.

I need to get WIS EPC activated. But when ready to paste the LAN ID to generate license key (Startkey),  the page indicates “Unknown LAN ID” in the MAC address field,  and apparently the EWA net server cannot match it with the license key.

Vxdiag Wis Epc Unknown Lan Id 1


1.Check NIC Driver.

2. Open “Computer Management”

3. Right click “Device Manager” to select “Show hidden devices”

4. Delete All Tunnel Adapters “Microsoft ISATAP Adapters” (all virtual network card drivers with #) “Teredo Tunnering Pseudo-Interface”.

Vxdiag Wis Epc Unknown Lan Id 2

Vxdiag Wis Epc Unknown Lan Id 3

Or contact www.vxdiagshop.com technical support via Teamviewer.

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