VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS 2015 F350 Confirmed Working

VXdiagshop.com says the vcx nano Ford IDS will not work with F-Series vehicles before 2010 implying it works with 2011 and later, other sites and sellers have said it did not work with any F series vehicles.

I bought it via vxdiagshop so I could return it for free if it didn’t work, but thankfully, it wasn’t needed. I was able to perform an SCR DEF injector cleaning cycle using IDS, which was my purpose for buying it today. It worked with my 2015 F350 despite conflicting information. I could replicate most functions of the IDS software / VCX Nano with a much cheaper ELM327 adapter and Forscan, however, the SCR injector cleaning cycle was not available.

The item itself is fine. Everything still worked being used.



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