The Benefits of a VXDIAG ICOM with VCX DoIP

Here’s the real feedback based on one of our customer’s working experience:

For those with the VXDIAG BMW (Icom Next clone) with VCXDoIP:
It’s a very powerful tool that can emulate all sorts of diag hardware for BMW, VAG, GM, BENZ, Porsche, …
No need for DHCP server or router, it’s build in.

– Firmware update 1.49 is available via VXManager.

– For connection with ista-p you need to download BMW ptt driver from VXDiag, start Pass-Thru app in VXManager and emulate by loading dll. Make sure its set to SAEJ2534

– For connection with ista-d you need to set connect via icom/ethernet local network in ista settings.
If your license is valid you can also use cloud software

– For connection E-sys sometimes ZGW is not detected on first try, select connect via icom/ethernet tcp://<icom ip adress>:50160 than close connection. Now ZGW is available and connection can be made via vin or gateway url.