DIY Fix VX Manager 60 Days Expiry

Here is the customer shared DIY solution to VX Manager 60 days Expiry issue.  We don’t take responsibility of it.


Allscanner VX Manager 1.8.X up requires to renew license every 60 days.  They have starting this since they found that some other Chinese manufacturers have copied their firmware (ICOM next clone, vcm2 clone etc).
WinXP also does not work in VX Manager 1.8.x.


Best to do this in a VM image, but can be done on windows 7/10 etc. XP is no longer supported maybe vista too.


Register licence in VCX manager first, turn off internet or network interface, change windows time and date to 02/02/2013 or any date beyond that date.

Turn off automatic time update as well, re-open vcx manager click licenses, it will take 30 secs or so, will display 3000+ days if set to 2013. obviously, if you change the time back it will expire, your break your internet if your using this on your main PC, best in VM image. Confirmed working great on Ford IDS 120 so far.

This only seems to effect the Legit Serial numbers of most VCX Nano’s the clone Easychip VCM2 seems to work fine on the older 1.6.X VX manager and no 60 Day licence pass is required, as the Clone VCM2 i think has a cloned STM32 with a generic Serial number.  I tried a easychip clone on 1.8.X and the licences would either come up gargbled or not at all, so they have black listed that serial from 1.8.X Manager, i guess some deal has been done with the cloners since the licence is still getting pulled on 1.6.X , its really annoying since my Old XP vm builds no longer function since updating the firmware.


Good luck all.