Solved! VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Cannot Initialized Correctly


I got the vxdiag vcx se for bmw with HDD software. I had error at vehicle test cannot initialized correctly the program.

I’ m using a WIN10 laptop with ISTA+ with data program, after read out from vehicle test i get the error message.

Does anyone fix the problem?




You are required to use VX manager to connect. Open VM Manager, click on “DoIP”, then – click the “DoIP ON” button.
VM Manager should show the “Icom” device.

If still fail to initialize, update firmware VCI.



I can delete fault, do an ABL test but not programming, modification.
On the VCI configuration tab i test all ICOM connection.
If it help my EDIABAS.INI file is:


ApiTrace = 0
IfhTrace = 0
SystemTraceSys = 0
SystemTraceBip = 0
SystemTraceIfh = 0
BipDebugLevel = 0
UbattHandling = 0
IgnitionHandling = 0
TaskPriority = 0
SystemResults = 0
RetryComm = 0
Simulation = 0

Interface = std:passthrud
NetworkProtocol = tcp


I try to open VX Manager an set DoIP ON and test again.