How to Get VXDIAG DONET Remote Device ID?

Allscanner VXDIAG DONET remote diagnosis requires a 15-digit remote device ID to connect remote device.
* Remote device ID is not your device serial number !!!
   Vxdiag Donet Id 1
How to get the Remote Device ID?
1. Connect vxdiag vcx to the hotspot DiagOnNet via mobile phone.  (Check Step 1 here: VXDIAG DoIP device DONET Settings)
2. Browse to on the phone explorer.
3. Click ” Device Configure” to input device serial number to bind device, no need Active Code, click “Save”.
Vxdiag Donet Id 3

Vxdiag Donet Id 2

If your device is connected to phone HOTSPOT, you will see your device information, and find “DONET Remote ID”, click it to get the ID. Input the ID when you connect device on vx manager.

Vxdiag Donet Remote Device Id 1 Vxdiag Donet Remote Device Id 2
Then go to VX Manager->Remote Diag,  paste Remote ID here, Reflash device then Connect Device
Newest Vxdiag Vcx Se For Benz Donet Setting 16
Newest Vxdiag Vcx Se For Benz Donet Setting 17
Newest Vxdiag Vcx Se For Benz Donet Setting 18
If failed to obtain remote ID and display server error (shown as image below),  press OK, then select configure DONET and follow prompts.
Vxdiag Donet Server Error
If till fail to configure #VXDIAG DoNET and get remote ID via on the phone explorer. Here provides another solution to set up DoNET remote diagnosis via Wechat.

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