Run Subaru Variable Compressor break-in Drive Cycle with SSM3

Car: Subaru 10 LGT, 08 & 12 forester, 06 legacy RIP



The compressor on my 2010 grenaded a few month ago. The variable ac compressor only has a pulley, no clutch. I replaced it, the ac condenser and the expansion valve. It still won’t come on.

I hooked mine up to Subaru SSM3 scanner and when I command the ac solenoid or try to run the relearn procedure – it fails and says the compressor is in ‘protect mode’ I can’t find anything in the FSM about ‘protect mode’ or what triggers it.

No codes present in the AC module

I managed to get 72 PSI into the system by heating the can of Freon with a propane torch and then closing the lowside port. Pressure switch shows 58 MPa and does fluctuate with temperature.

Shows a commanded evap core temperature as well as actual.
It shows zero Freon flow, the compressor just will not engage.




Looks like installing a new compressor requires using the SSM III to run a variable compressor break-in drive cycle. Also – it notes that when you install a new compressor, you need to fill the system with refrigerant before starting the vehicle – if the vehicle is restarted without filling the system, it says to replace the compressor!
Compressor Installation