Cheap Working Subaru SSM3 Scanner Under $300

I don’t want to have to drive to a dealership every time a warning light comes on. I have tried a variety of OBDII tools which can display and reset check engine codes, but only SSM can diagnose airbag codes and hybrid codes. It should allow you to reprogram smart keys too. The legit SSM3 software works with model years 1998-2016, and it requires a Hitachi HDS3000 or the newer Denso DST-i. The Denso box is sold by Nuspire for $7800 and the Hitachi occasionally pops up on eBay for around $2000. Way out of my price range.



I’ve got it and its fully functional as far as I can tell.

V2018.4 VXDiag SUBARU SSM-III SSM3 Diagnostic Tool

For $269 they claim to work with SSM3 and it includes the software.

I’ve connected to all the control modules easily, and changed the Body Integrated Unit programming.

It does need internet access, unfortunately. It has to connect for the VxDiag license, otherwise nothing works.

The tool works for programming keys! Just make sure you buy a key which is “unlocked” because that is a separate process not supported by SSM.

To my surprise, it didn’t even ask for the security immobilizer ID. And process described in SSM3 manual did not work (it says to go into Other Models > Each System Check > Keyless Unit Mode).
In the menu, I chose Other Models > Immobilizer > Generic Scan Tool > VxDiag > Smart key registration. I just had to hold the existing key up to the start button, then do it again with the new key, and voila! It works with both RF buttons and proximity sensing.