How to Change VXDIAG BMW ISTA+ ISTA-P Language?

Here’s the guide to change ISTA+ (ISTA-D) and ISTA-P software language of VXDIAG BMW scanners (vxdiag vcx BMW, vxdiag vcx se for BMW, vxdiag full etc)


How to Change VXDIAG BMW ISTA+ software language?

Open ISTA+, click on Setting icon-> Client settings and select language you desired. Press OK to save language setting.

Change Vxdiag Bmw Language

How to Change VXDIAG BMW ISTA-P software language?

VXDIAG BMW ISTA-P supports following language:

English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

Change Vxdiag Bmw Language 5

Start ISTA-P, press i icon

Select Reset Settings 

Change Vxdiag Bmw Language 2

Restart ISTA-P software

Select Automatic Search 

Change Vxdiag Bmw Language 3

Select language you desired

Change Vxdiag Bmw Language 4

*Note: Do tick the Expert Mode, otherwise Expert Mode will fail to work.